Annual Meeting

On May 10th @ 7pm our Annual Meeting will be held at the Webster
Recreation Center, 1350 Chiyoda Drive, Webster, NY 14580.

Some important decisions are needed to be made and all of our members are
invited to attend. We will also announce some of the fun stuff we have
coming up though the summer months.

We will have two amendments to the constitution to vote on:

1. Article II, Section 1 & Amendment 1 - Update the annual dues to $15
payable in September. (This will be presented with a standard budget and
methods to fund activities above and beyond the standard budget) 2.
Article I, Section 2 - Update the restriction on honorary membership to
reflect special conditions

Also very important will be formal nominations and election of officers
and a director. This is a great opportunity for you to influence the
success of the club. Nominations will be accepted for Chairman,
Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and a Director. A particular focus
will be on filling the Chairman position. Please remember that all
individuals must accept the nomination, so please talk to someone in
advance if you are going to nominate someone. Of course there is no need
to talk to yourself if you would like to volunteer.