December RVHFG Meeting

The next RVHFG meeting will place on MONDAY, DECEMBER 2 at 7:00 PM (the "talk and tailgate" session starts at 6:30 as usual) located at the Webster Public Library, 980 Ridge Rd, Webster, NY 14580

There will be no "business meeting" (that's what Board Meetings are for). Instead, we will "dive right in" to the fun stuff that the licensing manuals don't teach!

15-minute Lab: Tropospheric refraction...DEMONSTRATED by Professor Tushoiu and discussed by Frank Pollino (K2OS). What contributes to VHF DX? Come and see with your own eyes!

Workshop: Receiver "ears". We all have seen the "specs": Minimum Discernible Signal is measured as either "dBm" (dB below a milliwatt for SSB) or "12 dB SINAD" (for FM) but what do these things actually mean in the real world? How do different transceivers compare in these metrics? Our own Dave Hallidy (K2DH) will inject a signal in to a transceiver and lower its level until you can not hear anything...then note its measured value. A variety of transceivers will be present, but bring your own too! If there is time, it can be measured as well. The results will be put up on a "leader board" for all to see and compare.