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Recap of Downcoverter Mod Session on 10/13/06
05/13/10 - Andy Flowers, K0SM

Recap of Downconverter Modification Session on 10/13/06

Andy Flowers, K0SM

We'll have a more complete recap for the Journal later, but I wanted to get this out for those who couldn't be there.

It seems things went pretty well at the meeting, and it was great to see so many new faces. Everyone left with a working 2.4 GHz downconverter, and the NF's measured appeared to be consistently in the 2.7-3.7dB range with around 30dB of gain. Not bad for a no-tune modification, and certainly good enough to hear AO-51's downlink next month with a modest 2.4 GHz antenna. More on that to come.

Thanks go out to Dean Keyser at Harris for bring in the NF meter to the meeting, to Walter, NQ2O, for his signal source, and also to the all the elmers that helped out the newbies. Well done, everyone.

Several members, particularly our Canadian friends, expressed an interest in this project. I have many units left over that I would be very happy to get out of my apartment, provided you cover the shipping. I can send multiple units if you are interested. Locals are welcome to do the same, or better yet, just pick one up from me in downtown Rochester (585-317-5375). I also have the following available if anyone would like to experiment further: 9MHz crystals (moves the LO to 2304 MHz for use as a beacon/WSS) 11.85 MHz crystals (will move up the LO enough to put 2304.1 on 28.3 MHz) Low-dropout regulators for 13.8V power (or just order from Mouser--can supply part #) I'll send out another email regarding power inserters--my prefered way of powering these things.