Tom Jennings, KV2X

Even Year Director

Tom Jennings

First licensed as wn9lsv in 1964 and soon upgraded to general as wa9lsv. Since I was a high school student, there was not much money for new equipment so I continued with cw. Moved to California when I was done with my schooling and became wb6mto. Kept that call until up grading to extra in 1991 as kv2x. I operate mostly cw, do lots of contesting both hf and VHF. I am a rover partner with Bill, K2TER and also operate at the K2LIM contest station in FN12. Other ham activities include: mobile cw, field day, bring a rig along when camping, and internet QRP-L Fox Hunts on 80, 40, and 20 meters. Member of ARRL, RVHFG, and RDXA. Served as Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Sectetary/Treasurer of the RVHFG. Currently the editor of the RVHF Group Journal. Tom Jennings, kv2x

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