Freddie Sulyma, WB2GFZ


Freddie Sulyma

As a teenager, growing up on Long Island, I obtained my Novice licensed and became WN2YSD. Shortly after receiving my Novice and after becoming proficient at 13 MWP, I obtained my General license (WB2GFZ).

After graduating college I started work with Sperry Rand (Now Unisys) and initially worked on Oceanographic Ships (USNS Michelson & Dutton) managing the Ships Inertial Navigation System. During this time I managed to study and obtain my First Class general radiotelephone certification with Ship Radar endorsement. Before too long a woman (Valerie), now my wife of 33+ years lured me off the open seas and we settled in New Hampshire where my work transitioned to navigation systems aboard Poseidon submarines at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. As a ham, I always enjoyed attending the Deerfield Hamfest! After becoming proficient with the navigation system, the company sent my family and me to Holy Loch Scotland where I provided support to submarines aboard a submarine tender, the USS Hunley. While in Scotland (1984 - 1987) I became GM4ZIE where I was privileged to get involved with many Scottish hams. By this time I was the proud father of three harmonics, Mat, Chris and Heather. My third harmonic, Heather is a product of Scotland, having been born there.

We moved back to New Hampshire and in an effort to stop moving around with the company, decided to resign and settle down in the Rochester NY area where the family of my wife resides.

Throughout the years I have been in and out of Ham radio and have recently been re-inspired with the introduction of software defined radios. I presently have the Flex 1500 working QRP into a HY-Gain AV640 and have recently obtained my Extra class license.

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