Dave Malecki, AE2DM

Vice Chairman

Dave Malecki

I have been interested in electronics as long as I can remember waiting for the tubes to warm up in the car radio. My father had several CB radios and that was my intro into 2-way radio. I took all available electronics classes in school, then earned a degree in Electrical Engineering at University. Have worked mostly as a software engineer on embedded products and through work was re-introduced to Ham Radio about 3 years ago. Have been a member of RaRa and the RVHFG since just before getting my Technician license. Have been using AE2DM with my Amateur Extra license on my BaoFeng for about 2 and a half years now. My Ham interests are varied but tend more toward portable use so I can operate from my bicycle or automobile.

AE2DM, David Malecki

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