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Harry Williams

Harry Williams (KF2TV) is an Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator who lives in Grid FN13ge, Webster, NY, USA.

I was first licensed in June of 1993 through the Xerox Amateur Radio Club with a Technician’s license as N2VML and upgraded to General that year. In 1994 I earned my Advanced class license as KF2TV followed by my Extra class that same year. I was president of XARC for several years and was a member of the N2EZS (Barry Rickett) multi-op VHF contest team; where I first became aware of and interested in the world above 30Mhz.

Following a move to an antenna restricted neighborhood I had an 18-year hiatus from the hobby (maintained my license). I purchased my current Kenwood TS-590SG in 2016, buried a long run of high-quality coax and put a very long wire up through the trees in back of my house and I am back in business. I added a Kenwood TS-2000 to the mix allowing 2M and 70cm operation. Now I operate 50+ Mhz on three bands.

I enjoy VHF contesting, our weekly nets and the social aspects of our hobby. In addition to the VHF Group I belong to XRX and RARA.
Harry Williams – KF2TV

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