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2017 RVHFG Picnic RSVP

RVHFG will be providing hamburgers, hotdogs, buns, and eating utensils. Everybody else please bring a dish to pass, drinks, and anything else you may need. Indicate who you are, how many will be coming and what you will be bringing. The picnic starts at 6 PM. Family and friends are welcome to attend.

Club Project

The goal of this forum is to get some consensus on a club project. So far Ukraine Transverter kits, club purchase of preamp kits from Down East Microwave and assemble at a meeting, from Microwave Update 2014: Simple and Cheap MMIC Preamps for UHF and Microwaves or Altoids Tin Filters for UHF and Microwaves have been mentioned Any other suggestions? Please post your ideas.


Post all discussion here that do not fit in the other categories.

Who's Listening

Enter your call and frequency you are monitoring. Format QSX: frequency

Swap & Sell

Please list your wants and sale items on this forum. This is open to all.


Preparing for a contest? Post your plans, skeds, needs here.


This is a general forum specifically aimed at topics related to construction, operation, propagation in the bands above 903 MHz.

W2UTH Beacon Reports

Please log your W2UTH beacon reports here. Call / Band / Grid Square / Signal Report / Date

The W2UTH Beacons are generously hosted at the Antique Wireless Association Museum in FN12hv

6m 50.078 5W Squalo
2m 144.298 6W Big Wheel
1.25m 222.050 5W Par Omni-Angle
70cm 432.300 5W Par Omni-Angle
23cm 1296.257 2W Halo