Posted on 09/21/14, 9:33 AM

HackRF One
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

I have the SDR on order. I am looking for a couple of partners to try out some projects and document them for general distribution on the Internet. Please check QRZ for contact information.

Posted on 09/27/14, 2:42 PM

Re: HackRF One
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

I received the radio and tried out a few things with it. I will keep up the information on my blog and try to publish something new each week as I learn to use it.

Posted on 10/26/14, 1:49 PM

Re: HackRF One
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

Thanks to Clayton Smith (VE3IRR), who I met at MUD, I was able to finish the 6 band CW beacon for HackRF One. The GNU Radio flow graph is shown on As soon as my IF radio comes back from ICOM, I will do some mobile testing of different configurations and see what I can learn.

Posted on 04/14/15, 10:11 PM

Re: HackRF One
Posted by Dana VE3DS

Got my HackRF running in beacon mode.
On 1296 into a 43 el looper @ 75 feet it was copied at VA3ELE .. distance 23 km for SSB?

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