Posted on 02/21/17, 2:51 PM

Posted by Jeff Jensen

Has anyone had any experience with the multiband ring feeds like the ones that RF hamdesign has been selling? Or is the septum design better? Was thinking that I might be able to use the ring style for both EME and contesting.. Thanks!!! Jeff N2MKT

Posted on 02/25/17, 4:28 PM

Re: Feedhorns
Posted by John Stevens

Hi Jeff, I would recommend that you design around circular polarization (septum or other techniques) for EME and linear for terrestrial. You could run circular on terrestrial but you would take a 3dB loss from a linear polarized sources. If your terrestrial contacts are a mix of vertical and horizontal, that might make CP an interesting compromise, but generally think CP for EME and linear for terrestrial. I have no experience with RF Ham design ring feeds but have bought other items from them and it has always been high quality. They have an interesting lineup of multiband feeds. WD5AGO manufactures very high quality CP feedhorns. KL6M and N8CQ have both built and sold septum feeds for 1296.

Posted on 03/07/17, 4:08 PM

Re: Feedhorns
Posted by Jeff Jensen

Thanks John, I emailed RF Hamdesign and they explained the different as you did! Very educational!

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