Posted on 07/07/17, 6:38 PM

Experimental 10 GHz Beacon
Posted by John Stevens

I am running an experimental CW beacon on 10368.300 MHz from my property in FN13ib. It has been running for a week or so and seems to be hanging in there. Literally. It is built into a 3 inch PVC capped pipe and hangs from 550 cord. It is presently on my deck but shortly will be out on the other side of the trees facing west and southwest. It is running 200mW into a 6 dB gain stacked slot antenna. It should be copy-able from hilltops south of Rochester, which would include Poplar Rd/Cleary Rd, Lane Rd, Transit Rd and other clear hilltops in Ontario County. I seem to have some blockage to Woodcliff.

It is GPS locked on frequency so it should be accurate and stable. I checked my LO on the portable rig (not locked to a standard) and found it 25 KHz off, so if you are also crystal controlled, tune around. The message is VVV de WB2BYP/B FN13ib KKK with a 15 second off period and no long carrier.

I'm going to do some drive arounds with the portable rig to see what I can hear. If anyone else hears it let me know.



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