Posted on 01/03/16, 9:34 PM

222 Gear
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

I would really like to see more 222 activity. It is such an excellent band with little noise and performance equivalent to 2m. To that end, I have been experimenting with the eBay transverter kits. With 5-8W output, they could work just fine for the local 6 grid squares, or this is enough drive for most of the amplifiers made for the band. I admit that getting these kits on the air is more of a mechanical job than it is electronics, but perhaps that means that a broader group could participate in making them. Combine this with a cheap yagi on 222 and we could have a half dozen more stations on the band.

Posted on 01/05/16, 11:07 AM

Re: 222 Gear
Posted by Harry- W2HRY

I have no experience in transverters, but have been reading about them - I am interested, and will be joining the RVHFG as well as coming to the meeting this Friday- we can talk then if you have time...

Posted on 01/05/16, 9:21 PM

Re: 222 Gear
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

Sounds great Harry. I will certainly have time. Welcome.

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