Posted on 01/10/17, 1:16 PM

Plans for January VHF Contest
Posted by Harry - W2HRY

Starting this thread so folks can start positing their 2017 January VHF Plans.

At this point in time all I can share is that I will be operating as a Limited Rover. My 902 and 1296 Equipment will stay home and will be used only during VHF contests. I plan on activating a minimum of 4 gridquares (FN02, FN03, FN12, FN13) and possibly 2 more towards Syracuse, weather permitting. Skeds will be posted when available- addtionally I may have them in time to share by Fridays RVHFG Meeting.

Posted on 01/11/17, 11:36 AM

Re: Plans for January VHF Contest
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

Great to hear you will be on the air Harry. I have two possible plans that will be determined by weather and plans for microwave activity from club members.

Plan A (preferred) is to run all 10 bands, activating FN13 on Saturday and FN02 (possibly FN03) on Sunday. I will run this setup (during daylight only on Sunday) if there is anyone else in the club running microwaves, temperatures are above 40, winds are below 10 mph, and precipitation is expected to be mild.

Plan B (more likely given the constraints above) is to remove the microwave H-Frame and run 50 – 902 on the mast activating FN13 and FN12 on Saturday and FN02 and FN03 on Sunday. I will bring along 1294/6 FM along with 2304 into a 4 element yagi inside the car for close-contacts.

Either plan includes a lunchtime grid blitz in LeRoy on Sunday.

With input from the club members this week and the 5-day weather forecast, I should know which way I will go by the 17th.

Posted on 01/12/17, 9:59 AM

Re: Plans for January VHF Contest
Posted by Nicolas VE2NCG

Hello to all, for myself, will try to be ROVER in FN25 Saturday and FN35 Sunday morning, ON4KST for details... but I'm trying to get a bunch of ham to try the Contest in the FM operator category here in the Montreal area, a lot of them have show interest so this his the sked that I have made for them:
Frequency: 146.430
446.000 if they can after contact
22h UTC january 21 (5pm local saturday)
02h UTC january 22 (9pm local saturday)
13h UTC january 22 (8am local sunday)
18h UTC january 22 (1pm local sunday)
22h UTC january 22 (5pm local sunday)

You never know what can happen, tropo permitting....

Posted on 01/18/17, 9:48 PM

Re: Plans for January VHF Contest
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

I will be active in the contest this weekend from 50 MHz - 3.4 GHz + 10G and laser (Will try out 5G @ 200mW but still unproven).

1900-2030 FN12hr
2130-0200 FN13gb

1300 - 1500 FN02wv
1600 - 1900 Lunch, Rover Blitz, FN02?
1930 - 2130 FN03wa

Since these times are approximate, I will post on ON4KST when first arriving in a grid.

Posted on 01/19/17, 8:39 PM

Re: Plans for January VHF Contest
Posted by Jack WX3P

I'll be running 6 144 220 432 from FN12gx QRP Portable once again

I won't be on during the late morning and early afternoon on Saturday.

All this depends on getting gear setup- nice not to have snow to trudge through - testing is uncertain at this point - any qsos will be appreciate

Posted on 01/20/17, 12:27 PM

Re: Plans for January VHF Contest
Posted by Tom KV2X

K2TER/R Plans for Januaray 2016 ARRL VHF Contest

We will be QRV at the following locations:

Saturday 1400 EST FN22DW
Sunday 0800 EST FN12AU
Lunch Rover Blits
Sunday 1430 EST FN02VU
FN02WV alternate
Sunday 1800 EST FN03
Monday 1930 EST FN13GB

We will be on 50 MHz thru 2304MHz SSB/CW/FM with a 50 foot mast!
Pointing beams NORTH!
We should be easy to find on 6 and 2 meters.

Hope see you all during the contest!

73 es gl

Bill K2TER
Tom KV2X

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