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June VHF Contest Plans
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

Please post your plans for the contest. Even if only tentative plans.

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Re: June VHF Contest Plans
Posted by Jarred - KF2MR

Here is some extra gear (mostly FM) available to anyone who would like to use it. The 902 HT and mobile paired with a yagi are good for 60-80 miles if you have a clear shot at the horizon. Performance with the 1W HTs on 1296 is very limited, but can reach 25-50 miles no problem with a clear shot and a yagi.

(2) Alinco DJ-G29T 223/902/927 HTs
(1) Alinco DJ-G7 1296 MHz HT
(1) IC-T81A 6m/2m/70cm/1296 MHz HT
(1) 902/903 MHz FM mobile 20W

Complete FM Rover in a toolbox:
25W each on 6m, 2m, 1.25m, 70cm
10W on 927.5 MHz
10W on 1294.5/1296.1 MHz
All with magnet mount antennas (4 total antennas since 6m/2m/70cm is a triband) and lighter plug power (setup takes less than 10 minutes)

I have a WBFM 10GHz radio and I would be willing to carry another one to make up the pair if anyone is interested.

2.3 GHz transverter (2W) with a 432/434 MHz IF. Works reasonably well without a PTT line on FM and can also be used reasonably well RF sensed on SSB/CW, but this has its limits. Of course the best approach is to add the PTT key line.

902-928 17 Element Yagi
222/223 5-Element yagi
223 MHz base station vertical

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