Posted on 10/23/16, 9:14 AM

looking to trade
Posted by John N2NEP

Hi all,

I am looking for a Bird slug 500B and or 1000B

Trading one or more of the following.
10E 10W 400-1000Mhz

50E 50W 400-1000Mhz

coaxial dynamics 82136 (bird 43) 400-1000Mhz 1000W

dielectric 2327 (1-1/4 line) 400-1000Mhz 2.5Kw.

and a coaxial dynamics like section (n-connector) with 8710-400 line extractor (37.5db)
if interested to trade call me @ 585-474-6936 between 10am and 5pm and we can arrange details

Posted on 01/14/17, 12:37 PM

Re: looking to trade
Posted by John N2NEP

Am all set, thanks for looking...I found a "real" power meter.

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