Posted on 03/24/17, 1:55 PM

WANTED: 900 MHz Transverter
Posted by Bruce WA2TMC

After a long absence from VHF/UHF I am jumping back in with both feet. I am looking for a 900 MHz transverter to complete my 10 band station.
Call at 585 820 6460 or

I am excited to be back!!!!

Posted on 03/25/17, 11:07 AM

Re: WANTED: 900 MHz Transverter
Posted by John Stevens

Hi Bruce, I bought one of the same transverters that Jarred recommended and it is working well. As far as I know they and DEMI are the only commercial offerings available now. DEMI is of course fine gear though the delivery times are long for factory new. Look for you on the bands. John WB2BYP

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