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More things for sale
Posted by Mark Hoffman, K2AXX

Contact me at - easiest and fastest way to get hold of me.

I need to clean out the shack once and for all and make use of the room for other purposes. So, there are some items left that need to go. Pickup, or Rochester-area meetings OK, no shipping please. At the end of the email is a complete list of adapters I am selling as a single unit. Keep scrolling.

Samlex SEC-1223 Power Supply (13.8VDC @ 23A Cont, 25A Surge) - $70 - excellent condition

Bird 43 Wattmeter - $100
Bird 2500H Slug (HF, 2500W) - $75
Bird QC UHF Female connector - $10
PREFER to sell Bird outfit as a package - $175

75' New Commscope/Andrew 1/2" Heliax LDF4-50A with N(M) connectors + grounding kit - $75
30' New Commscope/Andrew 1/2" Heliax LDF4-50A with N(M) connectors + grounding kit - $30
150' LMR-400 Equivalent Coax - New, unused - N(M) connectors - $75

More small cables still available. Mostly in-shack jumpers, many unused. If you want to take them all sight-unseen, give me $75 and I'll pile it all up for you in a plastic tote or 2.

$50: A dual monitor vertical stacking stand, comes with a 20" HP W2007 wide-screen LCD and a 17" Dell LCD monitor attached. Stack monitors on the bench for some real space savings. Requires VESA standard 4-bolt mount plate on monitor. Also included is a Dell Optiplex 745 USFF Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Ran Win10 fine, and a USB-to-DVI adapter for the dual monitor setup. 8 USB 2.0 (6 back, 2 front), built in audio, 1GB Ethernet adapter. Comes with external power supply. Drive wiped, no OS. This was my primary shack computer which ran the dual monitor setup. $50 for the lot.

$25: Dell Optiplex 745 USFF Pentium 4 Dual 3.2GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, ran Win10 OK. Comes on stand with a 17" Dell monitor (all in one kind of package) and power supply. Drive wiped, no OS. 8 USB 2.0 (6 back, 2 front), built in audio, 1GB Ethernet adapter.

Adapter Collection: I've been talking about this, but here is the actual inventory. Price for all - $300. I will not sell onesies yet, please don't ask. At a price of $2 each average hamfest cost, it's just under $400 for the 194 adapters, loads, cables and splitters. The 7/16 DIN to N(M) adapters are about $30 new each, the N(F) barrels average $5 each for the cheap ones, N(M) to SMA(F) average $7 each, UHF barrel connectors about $4 new for the cheapies, so as you can see this is a pretty good deal. I'm sure I have others I'll throw in. Each bag has a storage tray and are all held by a free-standing storage tray holder (Harbor Freight).

Bag 1 and 2:
10 x UHF (M) Connectors - most Amphenol PL-259
7 x UHF(M) to BNC(F)
3 x UHF(F) to BNC(M)
2 x UHF(M) to UHF(M)
8 x UHF (SO239 4 hole)
3 x UHF(M) to UHF(F) Right Angle
9 x UHF(M) to N(F)
2 x UHF(M) to Mini-UHF(F)
1 x UHF to binding post

Bag 3:
2 x 7/16 DIN(F) to N(M)
2 x BNC(M) to C(F)
1 x C(M) to N(F)
1 x HN(M) to BNC(F)
1 x C(M) to BNC(F)
1 x N(M) to Micro Dot(F)
3 x BNC(M) 50 ohm loads (1/2 watt)
1 x TNC(M) 50 ohm load (1w)

Bag 4:
5 x N(M) to TNC(F)
3 x N(F) to TNC(M)
3 x BNC(F) to TNC(M)
1 x TNC(M) to SMA(F)
1 x N(F) to BNC(F)
2 x N(M) to TNC(M)
1 x TNC(F) to Mini UHF(M)
2 x N(F) to Mini UHF(F)

Bag 5:
14 x BNC(F) to BNC(F) - Barrels and Bulkhead types
4 x BNC(F) to RCA(M)
5 x BNC(M) to dual BNC(F) Tee and E types
2 x BNC(F) bulkhead solder cup
1 x BNC(F) to F(M)
1 x BNC(M) to SMA(F)

Bag 6:
3 x SMA(M) to SMA(F) Right Angle (not sweep)
4 x SMA(F) panel mount 2 and 4 hole solder cup
1 x SMA(F) to N(F) 4 hole panel mount
1 x SMA(M) to N(F)
2 x SMA(F) to N(M) Precision adapters
4 x SMA(F) to BNC(M)
2 x SMA(M) to BNC(F)
Short cables SMA types RG-174 x 4

Bag 7:
2 x 30w N(M) Dummy Loads
2 x N(F) Dummy Load (1w)
4 x N(M) Dummy Load (1W)
4 x BNC(M) Dummy Load (1/2W)
2 x SMA(M) Dummy Load (1W)
1 x BNC(F) 2 port splitter Mini Circuits ZFSC-2-2
1 x SMA(F) 2 port splitter Merrimac

Bag 8:
12 x N(F) to N(F) Barrel
5 x N(F) to N(F) Bulkhead
4 x N(M) to N(F) Right Angle
2 x N(M) to UHF(F)
2 x N(F) to N(F) Tee
2 x N(M) to N(F) Tee
1 x N(M) to BNC(F)
1 x N(M) to UHF(M)
1 x N(F) to BNC(M)
1 x N(F) Bulkhead solder cup

Bag 9:
6 x N(M) to N(M) Adapters
13 x N(M) to BNC(F)
1 x N(M) to UHF(F)
1 x N(M) to BNC(M)
1 x BNC(M) to BNC(F) Right Angle

Bag 10:
9 x BNC(M) to UHF(F)
4 x BNC(M) to BNC(F) Right Angle
3 x BNC(M) to BNC(M)
1 x BNC(F) to BNC(F) Bulkhead
1 x BNC(M) to N(F) 4 hole panel mount
5 x BNC(M) to N(F)
1 x BNC(M) Dummy Load 2w

Bag 11:
10 x UHF(F) to UHF(F) Barrels
3 x UHF(F) to UHF(F) Bulkheads
1 x UHF(M) to BNC(F)
4 x UHF(F) to N(F) (Really hard to find)

Bag 12:
Various Burndy copper clamps (for binding 2 wires - great for adding length to dipoles)
18 Small (str 14-6)
4 Medium (str 14-2)
2 x Lg (str 14-1/0)
1 x Vlg (str 14-1/0)

Bag 13:
2 x 75 ohm, 1w 0-10dB dial attenuators
1 x 75 ohm, 1w BNC(M) load

More misc. adapters and whatnot will be thrown in as well. I honestly don't know what some of it will be, but there are plenty...

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Re: More things for sale
Posted by Harry Ramos, W2HRY

Would you be able to update this posting to see what is still available

Posted on 01/26/18, 2:19 AM

Re: More things for sale
Posted by John, NS6X

If you still have the adapters, and will ship, I will buy.

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