K2TER RoverK2TER - \K2TER RoverNext - KV2X OpK2TER RoverNext - 57 foot boomBill, K2TER, at the mikeAB2YI  Sept VHF 2009 FN11VHF GrouperK2TER/R FN02 Jan 2009 ARRL VHFN2HKD/K1PY first roverK2TER Rover at W2RFC Field Day 20065 Rovers in JanuaryK2TERK2EHFW2TAUK2TER - Checking 2.3 GHzTom - KV2X operating K2TERK2TER N2KXSWO2PK2QO and W2TAUTom - KV2X at 100 CowsWA2MOP WB2BYP - John at Werner RoadK2TER Rover - Tranverter BoxK2TER Rover - InteriorKC2PLJ/REcho of mountains, echo of moon and echo of debris in space passing!HB9BBD 31 ft dish on 1296 MHzK2TER/R on Werner Rd, FN02vu during the ARRL June VHF ContestBill K2TER at FN22 Site ARRL Sept VHF 2014Tom, KV2X, at FN22 Site Sept VHF 2014K2TER Rover Fully Deployed FN22 Sept 2014 VHFCorn's Eye View K2TER Rover FN02 Sept 2014 VHFK2TER - 2008 Jan VHF Contest RoverK2TER_Rover at Longways June 2005 VHFK2TER ROVER INTERIOR Jan 2007K2TER ROVER INTERIOR Jan 2007KV2xRover in FN22 at Mutton Hill Jan 2015 VHF ContestKF2MR/R January 2015 VHF FN12hqGetting tight in here. PSK31 QSO with WB2GFZ.