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Next Meeting, Friday March 10th.

The next meeting will be held at the Rochester Makerspace on St. Paul St. in Rochester. We will return to the topic of the 6m amplifier, demonstrate its use and discuss the functions of the amplifier control board. Visit Makerspace web page at for general information regarding Makerspace.

6m Skimmer on Reverse Beacon Network

When you get a chance, check out the W2UTH 6m Skimmer on the Reverse Beacon Network at:

RVHFG Beacons

Beacons Hosted at AWA Museum
Band MHz Power Antenna
6m 50.078 5W Squalo
2m 144.298 6W Big Wheel
1.25m 222.050 5W Par Omni-Angle
70cm 432.300 5W Par Omni-Angle
23cm 1296.257 2W Halo

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